4 Winter Gears Every Man Needs For Winter

The winter is here! As usual, the days are shorter, and the weather is unforgiving. But that doesn’t necessarily mean exposing your body to the cold or looking unfashionable. While there’s a lot to talk about winter gears, there are those absolute must-haves – and no, we’re not talking about a pair of festive socks here – but something more.

We’re talking about seasonal wear that will help you get past the brutal winter temperatures while allowing you to maintain a clean, stylish look.

Scoop the following four winter items; you don’t want to be caught on the wrong side of things!

A Weather-Ready Parka

A parka is typically a windproof jacket that’s designed to be worn in extreme weather condition. It comes with a hood, and it provides more warmth in comparison to a regular jacket. The best parka for winter should be insulated to keep you dry and have a breathable/waterproof outer shell. Here’s one of the most sought after parka for winter.

Caterpillar Men’s Heavy Insulated Parka

This Caterpillar Insulated parka is made using durable polyester oxford and will certainly keep you warm while offering greater visibility thanks to the reflective webbing across the back and chest. Apart from being stylish, here’s where it should feature in your winter’s shopping list.

Adjustable Cuffs – These have snap tabs as well as concealed storm cuffs to ensure that the warmth stays in and the out.

Zip Off Hood – The hood is lined with micro-fleece and also features a customizable draw cord for a tighter and warmer fit over the head.

caterpillar-mens-heavy-insulated-parka-3Waist and Bottom Draw Cords – In addition to providing a better snug, these cords ensure that the parka lives up to its windproof billing. And for those who may be concerned, the Caterpillar Men’s Heavy Insulated Parka is machine washable and water resistant as well.

Now, that’s one piece of seasonal apparel you need to own to stay warm and trendy at the same time.


Snow Boot

During winter, one thing is for sure – you’re going to walk on snow soon or later. You know what that means? It means that you must have a pair of snow boots on your shoe rack. The boots will come handy when walking in sub-zero temperatures and snow as well as freezing rain or anything else the extreme winter weather brings along.

Rockport Men’s Elkhart Snow Boot

The Rockport Snow Boot is designed to keep your feet dry against the elements of weather during winter. It features breathable mesh panels as well as traction rubber insole for comfort and flexibility as you walk through the snow. Other than that, here’s what it has to offer;

Lightweight Yet Durable Material – The Rockport Snow Boot sports hand-picked material that is not only light but also durable and capable of meeting your functional requirements.

rockport-mens-elkhart-snow-boot-2Waterproof Construction – This boot features the patented Hydro-shield Waterproof construction with a with a unique seam sealing. The insole is waterproof as well to for maximum comfort and warmth while keeping the water out.

Superior Traction – The Rockport Snow Boot is build to offer excellent traction on snow and ice. It can flex in every direction thereby giving your more freedom to walk around comfortably irrespective of the terrain.

rockport-mens-elkhart-snow-boot-3Stylish Design – This snow boot comes with silver eyelets that give it an elegant look. The style allows you to use it as a dress shoe in the cold weather.


Leather Gloves

The hands are more susceptible to cold weather conditions in winter than any other part of the body. It, therefore, makes sense to cover them up if you’re to use your phone or type on your MacBook. Why leather? Because it is waterproof and will last relatively longer in comparison to woolen gloves. Here’s a pair of glove that will keep your hands warm during winter while allowing you to maintain a professional look.

Harrms Italian Nappa Leather Gloves

These leather gloves from Harms feature the ground-breaking nanotechnology that gives it conductive abilities similar to the human skin. The outer cover is insulated a soft yet plush lining for a trendy look while still offering the wearer dexterity and maximum comfort. Offer notable features of the Harrms Italian Nappa Leather Gloves include;

Touchscreen Ability – These gloves are designed to offer the user unrestricted touchscreen experience while ensuring the hands stay warm at the same time. The outer cover is soaked in conductive materials during tanning so that the fingers can imitate the touch of human skin.

And unlike traditional gloves, these can interact with newer touchscreen commands such as zooming, pinching, swiping and scrolling through pictures.

harrms-best-luxury-touchscreen-italian-nappa-leather-gloves-for-mens-texting-driving-cashmere-liningHigh-Quality Nappa Leather – The best gloves for winter ought to offer durability which further translates to value for money. These are made using high-quality Italian Nappa leather of years of use and a smooth feel. The leather is relatively thin and flexible. They are water resistant and texture-clear as well.

The Harrms Italian Nappa Leather Gloves are advertised as having the ability to keep you warm in temperatures as low as negative 20 degrees Celsius.


A Beanie

Your head and ears, just like the hands and body need to be adequately covered during winter and what a better apparel to do so than a beanie. And, the beauty of owning a beanie is that you can wear it together with an overcoat or parka and still look fashionable. We take a closer look at one of the best beanies on the market;

Spikerking Mens Winter Beanie Skull Cap

Made using 100% soft-spun acrylic, the Spikerking beanie skull cap will shield your ears, and head from the harsh wither weather. With a tight fit, you can be sure of a tight snug over your head. And when the weather becomes unbearable, pull up your parka’s hood over the beanie you will keep warm all day. Here’s what you should expect with this beanie;

Adequate Warmth Over Your Ears – The best beanie for winter at the very least should be made using material that guarantees enough warmth. The acrylic materials used to make the Spikerking beanie assures that the ears and other areas around them stay warm.

spikerking-mens-winter-knitting-wool-warm-hat-daily-slouchy-beanie-skull-cap-1Easy to Fit – The materials used to make this beanie can expand easily which means you won’t have a problem wearing or removing it. Most importantly, you don’t have to worry about tearing of ripping stitches.

Elegant Design – Because the weather is terrible during winter doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t look chic and trendy. The Spikerking Winter Beanie is hand-knit and will certainly look fashionable on your head. What’s more? It’s highly affordable!


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