5 Thoughtful Gifts for Your Bookworm Friend

You must have that friend of yours whose head is always buried in books on the pavement, at the park, in the bus or train, everywhere. Now, the chances are that he/she has read almost every written material listed in the New York Times bestsellers. So what do you gift your bookworm with?

Not sure? That’s why we are here. You really don’t have to drive yourself crazy looking for a book to please them. In fact, going the non-book way is a little bit creative. These 5 thoughtful gifts are not so far away from what they love, in fact, they’re here to stir up their experience.

1. Prudance Classical Feather Metal Bookmark – Bronze

This could be the cutest little thing that your book lover doesn’t have so far. So before someone else beats you on this, take action and give them something to remember you with even when they’re miles inside a book. It’s a bronze feather bookmark by Prudance. Its exceptional craftsmanship will get them obsessed with it from the word go. Just like a feather, it’s slim and lightweight, 0.3 ounces. Being thin means that it’ll not destroy their pages by leaving behind any indentations. Again, it’s sturdy and won’t break easily not unless they want it to which you and I doubt.

This classical bronze feather bookmark has a traditional style that makes it an adorable gift to those who love reading about the ancient world. It’s also a perfect gift to those who love birds. Besides, though it looks expensive, this 11.4 cm long bookmark isn’t wrecking your wallet. In fact, at the price it comes at, you’ll have to gift all the bookworms in your life.


2. Amir Rechargeable Book Light

If you know that they already have a bookmark, add a few more bucks and create some soft and decent bright light for their night sessions. How is that? Cool? Now, for that matter, there’s no way they are going to resist this rechargeable book light by Amir. For your information, it’s today’s bestselling book light on Amazon with hundreds of positive reviews and high rating.

amir-rechargeable-book-light-for-christmas-gifts-4-led-reading-light-thoughful-gifts-1This book light has 4 super bright SMD LEDs featuring 2 lighting modes both which are soft and won’t injure their eyes. It has a strategically positioned and easy-to-use switch with which the reader maneuvers the 2 brightness modes. The LED bulbs are powered by a rechargeable built-in lithium 1000 mAh battery. This battery is charged via a USB cable and lasts for close to 10 hours when fully charged. The battery features a protective circuit that protects it from overcharging and short circuits. Again, this battery has an expected lifespan of close to 10,000 hours. Isn’t’ this all the time they need to read almost anything under the sun?

Again, this book light has a springy rotatable clip that makes it more versatile. With this, it can be clipped almost anywhere including book covers, desktops, bed, e-books, etc. Its flexible gooseneck makes things even better. Moreover, it’s lightweight and compact for convenient portability.


3. Wonderland Book Clutch

This one will doubtlessly sweep her off her feet. At a glance, especially with the title, she’ll think that it’s another great book only to realize that it’s a clutch wallet. This thoughtfully-made clutch book features a soft material on the outside. It also has a shiny golden high-quality hardware. Measuring 6.5’’ (W) x 2’’ (D) x 9’’ (H), she’ll love wearing it over her shoulders with the golden chain or just carry it like a clutch. Its superior design makes it compatible with almost any outfit.

mylux-fashion-designer-women-clutch-wallet-adorable-collection-thoughtful-gifts-1This book clutch has an easy push button that opens her world to a soft interior with a navy blue material. The white dots come in handy to complement the superb design. The interior features several pockets into which she can slide her cards, id, and coins, etc.


4. Outop Cute Elephant Non-skid Bookends

You see that bookworm friend of yours, or son, or daughter who like reading about animals so much, getting these elephants would be the greatest idea ever. Be informed that these 2 big animals never forget to hold their books together. They come in several different colors, just be sure to order for their favorite and you’ll certainly kill it.

outop-1pair-cute-elephant-nonskid-bookends-art-bookend-blue-thoughtful-gifts-1These elephants have a straightforward and precise design that will decorate their study room while keeping their bookshelves organized. They are made from a robust metallic material and won’t bend easily. This makes them ideal for holding all books, magazines, catalogs, and any other hardcopy readable material on the shelves. If you’re wondering, these 2 elephants are extremely strong and ideal for heavy books.

Again, these bookends feature some felt circles at the bottom which make them sturdy and non-slid. These prevent them from scratching the shelves.


5. MoKo Case for Kindle Paperwhite

This Moko shell case kindle paperwhite has been designed to fit perfectly well with 2012, 2013,2015, and the 2016 Kindle models. It’s a stylish case that switches the Kindle to wake or sleep mode when the kindle’s lid is opened or closed respectively. This feature will help in saving their kindle’s battery.

moko-case-for-kindle-paperwhite-premium-thinnest-and-lightest-pu-leather-cover-with-auto-wakeIt comes in different colors and styles including floral purple, newspaper coffee, newspaper red wine, floral blue, and US flag amongst others. This particular case, AAA-Lucky tree, features premium quality PU leather that feels lavish and gives it a decent look. Again, it has a microfiber interior with a great finish to prevent scratching the Kindle. It has also been well molded so that all the controls and features can be readily and easily accessed when the lid is open or closed. Additionally, this cause is ultra slim and lightweight and won’t add any considerable weight.

They’ll also love the micro-suede front and back covers. While the hard front cover protects the device’s screen from scratches in bags and backpacks, the backside is rugged and offers them comfortable and safe grips of the Kindle. With this, the Kindle can also be comfortably placed on any flat surface without the risk of it sliding.


Wrap Up

By now, you must have found a gift for those who you heart. We also hope that you’ve already added it to your cart awaiting delivery. With that, we wish you a superb gifting season.

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