About Us

At Tip Legend, we are dedicated to making your life easier.

We have carried out thorough research and do experiments prior to writing articles. We have a team of highly motivated individuals who will share with you their personal experiences on beauty, buying guides, household, natural remedies and other life hacks. Our contributors and writers focus on the natural, homemade tips and tricks that you can do it by yourself at your convenient place.

Jane. M, a passionate and smart lady, is administering the website. She has wide experience in blogging. Jane is known for her helpfulness and hard work. She has the complete control of this blog. She takes her job seriously when it comes to auditing articles, approving it and searching for new tips and tricks for this blog.

We are dedicated to share you the effective tips. They are easy tips which you can apply, solve different problems, and of course, save your time and money. Some of the areas we cover are:

Beauty tips ~ Improve your appearance with natural, homemade, DIY tips and tricks. In this blog, you will be able to explore many great ways to beautify yourself from head to toe. We will include as many great tips as we can.

Buying Guides: We understand that it’s never easy to buy products from the market. There are many existing and new products sold in the market every day. You need to make a smart pick for the budget you have. In this category, we list down things that you should look for in any products that you want to buy. It will make it easier for buyers to choose what is best for them and at the same time save their time.

Household tricks ~ Not many people loves cleaning and working around home. Chores are not easy and interesting. We want to make household chores less a burden and more interesting. In the tips that you can find in Home & Kitchen categories, you will find topics that you can use safely at home.

Natural remedies ~ Let nature heal you. Natural remedies are very helpful that it could improve different health complications. Natural remedies also works best with your beauty. Simply search for natural beauty in the search box or you can go to each category to browse through tips and tricks.

Others ~ There are a wide range of topics that we will cover in this blog. Don’t forget to drop us a visit every time you are looking for tips and tricks to make things easier.