Top 5 Best Puppy Training Pads

So you’ve just acquired a new puppy? Well, the first thing you need to know is that it takes an insurmountable amount of patience to get the pup to do things right. Top on the list of the most challenging issues puppy owners face is potty training.

However, with a training pad, the pup can learn to relieve itself in a designated indoor area. Nonetheless, purchasing the right pad is essential if you’re to help the puppy transition to using a potty. Because there are a lot of dynamics that go into choosing the best puppy training pad, we’ve done the hard part on your behalf.

We have reviewed the top 5 best puppy training pads so that you can quickly select a pad that suits your needs and those of your pup. While the pads below vary regarding size and material, either of them will help keep your carpet and floor pee puddle or poop.

Here’s a comprehensive review of the best puppy training pads on the market at the moment.

5. AmazonBasics Pet Training and Puppy Pads

amazonbasics-pet-training-and-puppy-pads-regular-1Set your pup on the right footing toward using a potty with this training pads from guess who? AmazonBasics! These pads provide superior performance as well as reliable convenience to ensure that the puppy learns fast. The pads can also be used for old, sick dogs. Traveling with your dog? The AmazonBasics will come in handy if you’re trying to avoid “messy” seats and covers.

Features and Benefits

5 Layer Leak-proof Design – The AmazonBasics pads feature five layers for a leak-proof performance. The pads are designed in a way that allows quick drying while reducing odor and preventing tracking. The surge construction ensures that the liquid flows in the right direction and the sponge-like core turns the liquid into gel to make sure that your floor or carpet stays dry.


Integrated Attractant – The built-in attractant draws the pup when nature calls which increases the likelihood of a successful potty training. All you have to do is place the pad where you want that puppy to relieve itself and the pad “will do the job.”

Large Size – The AmazonBasics measures 22 x 22 inches. It is large enough to ensure the puppy never poops on the floor or carpet.


4. Four Paws Wee-Wee Training Pads

four-paws-wee-wee-standard-size-22-x-23-training-pads-1Four Paws Wee-Wee pads will help keep your home clean and pleasant. The pads will help train your dog and by extension make life easier. This is perhaps one of the few brands that come in a variety of sizes and colors from Standard to Gigantic, Odor Control, Extra large, Décor and Little Dogs. Here’s what Wee-Wee are one of the best puppy training pads on the market.

Features and Benefits

Floor Armor Leak Proof System – The Four Paws Wee-Wee Training Pads feature a 5-ply construction that promises 100% leak-proof guarantee. The heavy duty liner aims to keep your indoor surfaces dry.

four-paws-wee-wee-standard-size-22-x-23-training-pads-2Quick Drying Top Layer – These pads dry within minutes after the puppy has relieved itself. Just like the AmazonBasics, these pads also come with a built-in pad to attract the pup to the pad.

Super Absorption – The best puppy training pad should offer excellent absorption. These have quilted core to ensure any liquid is absorbed quickly, an action that helps keep odors at bay. The Wee-Wee pads measure 22 x 23 inches.


3. Gardner Pet Dog Training Pads

gardner-pet-dog-training-padssuper-absorbent-24-by-24-inches-2-50-100-count-1If the customer reviews and ratings the Gardner Pet Dog Training Pads have attracted, it is right to say that they are without doubt one of the best puppy training pads on the market at the moment. They are advertised as having the ability to help you deal with the “messy” accidents as the dog transitions to using a potty. Why would you want to purchase these pads? Keep reading;

Features and Benefits

Unique Core Material – These pads come with patented core material that can lock in urine and odors up to two times faster than most pads on the market. That’s super absorption right there!

Ability to Hold Up to 3 Three Cups – Check this out! The Gardner Pet Dog Training Pads can hold an incredible 3 cups of liquid so that your puppy’s paws can stay clean and dry. It will also convert urine into a gel in an instant.

gardner-pet-dog-training-padssuper-absorbent-24-by-24-inches-2-50-100-count-2Versatility – Do you own a housebreaking puppy? Or an aging, ailing or incontinent adult dog? The Gardener pads will also serve the same purpose as they would with small, docile pups.


2. IRIS Puppy and Dog Training Pet Pad and Holder

iris-puppy-and-dog-training-pet-pad-and-holder%e2%80%8b%e1%9f%a1The IRIS Puppy is one of the most innovatively designed puppy training pads, and it’s surprising that pet owners have fallen in love with it. This pad comes with a holder which has two side buckles that lock into place when the pup steps into place. This ensures that the pad doesn’t move as the puppy relieves itself. What’s more?

Features and Benefits

Small Convenient Size – The IRIS Puppy and Dog Training Pet Pad is small which means that it will save your living space. Make no mistake about it, though; the small size does not mean that the pup may urinate or poop on the floor or carpet. The holder comes with a rubber base which ensures that tray stays in place as the puppy relieves itself.

5-Layer Construction – The IRIS pads feature a leak-proof, sealed plastic backing as well as the patented polymer technology to trap and absorb urine fast while keeping your surface dry.

iris-puppy-and-dog-training-pet-pad-and-holder%e2%80%8b%e1%9f%a2Easy Cleaning – Unlike most pads, this one comes with a plastic holder. Apparently, that means you will have to clean the holder at some point. Not to worry, though. The pad has a high polish finish to make cleaning a breeze.

1. All-Absorb Training Pads

all-absorb-training-pads-22-inch-by-23-inch-1With 3000+ customer reviews and an impressive 4.3 stars rating, the All-Absorb Training Pads make it to the top of our best puppy training pads 2016. Many shoppers say these pads “get the job” done and have an unmatched absorption ability. It may catch your attention to know that these pads come in a pack of 100 pads which is enough to get your puppy trained. Here’s an overview of the pads.

Features and Benefits

Quick Drying Surface – The All-Absorb Training Pads dry relatively fast, to prevent tracking. The back of the pad is fitted with a waterproof PE film to ensure that the pup doesn’t wet the floor. And with the ability to hold up to three cups of urine, you can rest assured that your surfaces remain dry.

all-absorb-training-pads-22-inch-by-23-inch-2Pioneering Construction For Maximum Absorption – Each layer of these pads is uniquely designed to better absorption. The layers are made of non-woven cloth, paper tissue and added with baking soda and an attractant.

Odor Neutralizer – Containing odor from urine and poop can be challenging. However, these pads feature and odor neutralizer to ensure that the air in your living space stays fresh.


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